Organisational Index of DEI Maturity

DEI is a journey that consists of a number of stages, from starting out to the final stage of innovating. To find out what stage your organisation' is at, take the inclusio Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Maturity Assessment
Stage 1

Starting out

Score: 0 — 30
You are at the start of your DEI journey and you have not yet built a culture of diversity and inclusion (DEI).
Stage 2


Score: 31 — 45
You’re aware of the importance of DEI but perhaps you’re still lacking a broader and more cohesive strategy.
Stage 3


Score: 46 — 60
You’re highly engaged in your DEI journey and you’ve achieved internal agreement on the importance of DEI.
Stage 4


Score: 61 — 69
You may be close to achieving equity within the organisation and cultural competence across the workforce.
Stage 5


Score: 70 — 75
DEI values are likely foundational to your organisational functioning but there is always room to grow!