You can make evidence-based DEI decisions in 15 days with inclusio

inclusio gives leaders in-depth insights and data into the DNA of their business's most important assets - its people. Our cutting-edge diversity and inclusion technology (DEI) confidentially collects, analyses, measures and shows evidence of your company's DEI progress.




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Scientifically track, measure and shift your DEI culture


Gather +100 Demographic Data Points

You can easily collect deep employee demographic data and move beyond just gender and age. Get and in-depth representation of the diversity profile of your organisation.


Engage over +75% of employees in DEI learning

Provide gamified nuggets of DEI learning to your employees in a fun and interactive way. Employees are brought on an immersive nudge learning experience that is quick and effective.


Report on +400 metrics of inclusion & culture 

With rich dashboards and metrics, you can now measure and track your DEI progress. It allows you to confidently provide accurate data in reporting for internal and external stakeholders.

In Our Customers' Words.

“The platform is unique and ground breaking, there is nothing else out there like it. It is people-centric and gives our employees a voice. It educates employees on D&I, helps us achieve our strategic objectives, and gives us a benchmark of how we are performing on a local, global, and sector level”

Anthony Kelly Head of Communications, Culture and Capability at RSA

“inclusio has provided an invaluable solution. The way the information was delivered back to us was a game-changer and beyond our expectations. The insights enabled us to simply ad effectively report on EDI to our internal and external stakeholders. It is a tool the company can't go without.”

Anne Rush Global Director, People and Org Development at Linesight